Experience a sense of wilderness and tranquility at our beaches that are, as they were since time immemorial, pristine and splendid.
Fishermen, scuba divers and snorkellers will find these warm water destinations a paradise. Clear waters allow scuba divers and snorkellers a glimpse of the rich diversity of life on the rock and coral reefs along this shoreline.

With convenient launch sites at all coastal resorts, ski-boaters and shore anglers have the opportunity to catch a variety of fish in waters that teem with the marine equivalent of the big five, including massive marlin and other game fish.

Short designated trails wander through the coastal forest and reward the visitor with sightings of many birds and small mammals.
Visit Sodwana Bay, Cape Vidal and St Lucia Estuary in the summer months from November to March and enjoy the unique opportunity to view the magnificent loggerhead and leatherback turtles in their safe breeding haven.
Enter the fascinating world of the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, a World Heritage Site. This 250 000 ha of lakes, islands and estuaries is a RAMSAR wetland of international importance and is home to the Nile crocodile, more than 800 hippo and an astonishing diversity of ecosystems, birds and wildlife.

Accommodation at beach destinations includes chalets, log cabins, bush camps, caravan and camping sites.